Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Deadly Cockroach!!!!

(Don't worry the cockroach is not in there.)

(Brianne's Point of View)Well, we've had a cockroach in the girl's bathroom for a while, but we just didn't take care of it because it was at the far side of the bathroom and it would always go away in the morning.. But tonight when I went to the bathroom, there it was right by the door... the COCKROACH!! I ran to my mom to have her kill it, and she came out out with a shoe and smashed it saying, "I kill it, you clean it." I thought of all the possibilities to clean it. The twins said, "Take the vacuum hose and suck it up," but the problem with that was the cockroach was the size of a monster. So then I thought I'll just take a cup and put it over it and then slide a paper under and take it to the toilet or outside. I chose my strategy because it was the best. So I'm on my way to what seamed to be the dead cockroach, but with my luck it wasn't. So I stuck the cup over it quickly so it wouldn't get away and ran to the twins. I got them to be with me as I slid the paper under as it's twitching up and down because I'm smashing it's head to the side of the cup. I then taped the sides down with duct-tape and took it outside with a dust pan. Well, Craig saw it outside and decided to bring it in after we just spent 2 hours getting it outside. The twins and I saw him and we ran to their room locking it, but forgetting that Craig had a key to the room. He gets inside the room and has me pinned in the corner screaming at the top of my lounges and shakes the cup so I could hear it hit the sides. As I'm at the verge of bursting into tears, Craig is laughing because he had switched the cockroach with a piece of black plastic, which we had no idea about. Then he finally opened the cup and threw the thing at me and I had been crying by then. He then told me it was fake and left me alone so I could have a nightmare to dream about later on.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

1 Week Down!

The dreadful first week of school is over with. The millions of papers are signed and all the supplies are bought. Now all that's left is the 40 something more weeks that are ahead. Yippee!